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Approach to the treatment

Children's Eye Centre Kukátko is a modern workplace providing a comprehensive and high-quality treatment of paediatric eye disorders such as squint (strabismus), amblyopia, blocked tear duct in newborns and other eye defects.


We work differently

Children’s Eye Centre KUKÁTKO is trying to change the current treatment of eye disorders in paediatric patients, when it is first necessary to visit an ophthalmologist and then a specialized ophthalmology department. Only afterwards you can attend eye exercises provided that you can make an appointment in 1 to 6 months, which is a rather long period.


On one point we provide you with


Treatment methods


We specialize in modern methods of treatment of paediatric eye disorders. We develop our new own educational and therapeutic games for computers and tablets that can help you and your child to practise at home.

We closely cooperate and communicate with you - parents. We are able to provide your child with a continuous care at a very high level. At the same time we can help you with the subsequent medical treatment which is long, very difficult and for which it is necessary to have a lot of patience and diligence.


Approach to the treatment

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