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Treatment of strabismus

Strabismus is a visual problem in which the eyes are not aligned properly and point in different directions. 


Why to treat strabismus?

When squint occurs, two different images are sent to the brain, one from each eye (in normal conditions there is only one image in the brain). Strabismus thus causes double vision (dipliopia). The brain is confused and may learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye and thus stop the development of this eye.

If strabismus is not treated in due time, it can cause:


When to start the treatment?

It is very important to discover and start to treat strabismus in due time, that is in preschool aged children. Therefore, the most important step in the treatment of strabismus is PREVENTION! The first vision screening should be performed by a paediatrician at the age of 6 months of a child. In view of the fact that the consequences of strabismus are rather serious, make sure that your child undergoes the vision screening in due time and if you suspect an eye disorder do not hesitate to contact immediately a paediatric ophthalmologist! 


How is the treatment done?

The treatment of strabismus in children is predominantly conservative (non-surgical). The target of the treatment is to preserve visual acuity, settle eyes in parallel position and restore binocular vision so that both eyes cooperate together.

The treatment is always individual, according to the state and cause of a visual defect. The most commonly there are the following treatment methods:

ŠilháníCorrective eye glasses: The child gets special corrective eye glasses. The time of wearing these eye glasses depends on the degree of a refractive error, and may be continuous and lifelong. Every six months the child comes for regular a check-up (or even more often if necessary).

Orthoptic eye exercises: Exercises properly using both eyes together. These exercises need to be done for a long period and intensively under supervision of a professionally trained orthoptist.


Children's Eye Centre KUKÁTKO provides a comprehensive treatment of strabismus in paediatric patients. 


Treatment of strabismus

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