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Children's Eye Centre Kukátko is a modern workplace providing a comprehensive and high-quality treatment of paediatric eye disorders such as squint (strabismus), amblyopia, blocked tear duct in newborns and other eye defects.

We specialize in modern treatment methods of paediatric eye disorders. Our team is led by experienced and trained paediatric ophthalmologist and orthoptist with very good university education in the given field. We can offer to your children high-quality eye glasses, occluders and other aids for treatment.

We develop our own educational and therapeutic games for PCs and tablets that can help your child to practice at home. Children’s Eye Centre Kukátko always provides the highest level of care available in the world. Our small patients and their parents appreciate not only the top-class care but also our human and individual approach and interest in a paediatric patient, which is not usual in the Czech health facilities. 

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Treatment of amblyopia and strabismus

Léčba tupozrakosti a šilhání

Life without glasses is better, than you could imagine. Amblyopia is an eye disorder characterized by an impaired vision in an eye (left or right) that ...

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Children’s Ophthalmology Outpatient Department

Dětská oční ambulance

There are examined mainly paediatric patients from newborns to teenagers aged 18. We propose a conservative treatment for the entire spectrum ...

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The St. Nicholas has brought an on-line MEMORY CARDS game to all little pirates. You can play it on Kukatko’s Facebook site.

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Adam Zázvorka

6 years, Prague

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