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How is the treatment done

Children’s Eye Centre KUKÁTKO offers a completely new and unique approach to the treatment of paediatric visual defects (strabismus and amblyopia).


Léčba hrouOur approach to the treatment is based on the following facts:


Comparison of the treatment in KUKÁTKO and elsewhere


Professional supervision




Ophthalmic nurse

Special pedagogy educator

(combination of all 3 during exercises)

Eye exercises using medical devices YES YES
Eye exercises using games NO YES
Duration of eye exercises 45 minutes 2 hours



Advantages of the treatment in KUKÁTKO


1) Individual program

An individual program is set for every child in KUKÁTKO according to his or her age, child's abilities and type and extent of his or her visual defect.

2) Duration and intensity of the eye exercises 

Children’s Eye Centre KUKÁTKO focuses on an intensive treatment that provides significantly better results. A child arrives for the eye exercises 2 or 3 times a week and these exercises take three hours in either morning courses (recommended for preschool children) or afternoon courses (recommended for school children).

Léčba hrou

3) Eye exercises under supervision of medical specialists

During exercise, the child is alternatively in care of medical specialists: orthoptist, ophthalmic nurse and special pedagogy educator.

4) Exercise is fun for children

Exercises through games or using games. All exercises in KUKÁTKO are prepared so that they are funny and motivating for a child. One part of exercises is done on special equipment and gaming applications. One part of exercises is carried out in a group of other children using games and competitions.

5) Most modern methods of eye exercises

We use the most modern methods that involve far better "eye-brain-hand" in children and that are at the same time more funny, interesting and thus motivating for children. We use for our eye exercises modern electronic and interactive tools.

6) Helping parents

We know that the treatment is not easy, so we try to help and support parents and make the treatment and exercises the easiest than possible for them. Eye exercises take place mostly in Children’s Eye Centre KUKÁTKO under supervision of professional specialists. Homework is only a complement and takes the form of a separate exercise on special gaming applications on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Parents remain an important part of treatment, actively engaged, they motivate children to exercise and at the same time they inform us (and vice versa) about the daily program and progress in the treatment.

How is the treatment done

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