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Money should be saved only when appropriate. Your child deserves to have both eyes healthy.


Do not pay more than you have to - pay for the quality. The quality, individual treatment plan and above-standard approach is included in our basic price. Our prices are always fair - price indicated in the price list is always the final one, there are no hidden extras.


Price list


Entrance eye examination

Comprehensive entrance eye examination carried out by an ophthalmologist and orthoptist (it takes 2.5-3 hours) 

1 800 CZK


  • the medical history
  • basic measurement on devices (depending on the age of the child)
  • examination by an ophthalmologist specializing in children's eye 
  • examination by orthoptist
  • cycloplegia
  • measurement on devices and medical examination in cycloplegic
  • final consultation with children's eye doctor





Eye exercises  - 1 session (strabismus, amblyopia)

650 CZK

Fee for services in English

per vistit (examination, excersise)
300 CZK
Basic Eye Exercises  - package of 10 lessons 5 000 CZK

Fee for late cancelling of the reservation

The reservation may be cancelled without any fees or penalties in writing at up to 48 hours prior to arrival. Late cancellation or non-attendance are subject to cancellation fees. Unexpected illness of a child constitutes a reason of cancellation only when a medical report is submitted. 
500 CZK


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If you have any questions, please call or write. We will be happy to answer all your questions you may have.


Price list

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