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Paediatric ophthalmologist


What I like about my work

Children are the most precious thing we have and whether they have good vision in adulthood is mainly our responsibility, responsibility of their parents. I can often hear to say "but my child can see even a small plane". Yes, but it is possible that the child uses only one eye without knowing it. If it is revealed and solved in time, there is a big chance to restore the vision. And it is our greatest reward. Do not deprive them of the chance to become a pilot, an architect, or for example a crane operator.


She specializes in outpatient paediatric ophthalmology, and clinical diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva, diseases of the retina and patients with diabetic retinopathy and laser treatment of retinal diseases.


She is the author of a scientific article in the journal Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology and Practitioner, co-author of the book Case Reports in Ophthalmology, author and co-author of many lectures and professional reports.


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